Together we build.

From CAD-integration to pre-manufacturing. From packing list to on-site consignment. 

The earlier you decide to collaborate with us the better. At planning stage we can assist with the optimization of secondary steel supports regarding their location, dimension and their number. We will try and find a suitable plug-in for your planning software.. Reducing any “reinventing of the wheel” to the minimum is what we aim for.

We will design project-specific components where needed but allocate off-the-shelf modular solutions where possible. Traditional or modular is not “black or white”. It’s all about keeping the balance right.  

More than 50% of our supplies reach our customer in pre-assembled form. We don’t supply products, we supply solutions. 

Technical Services Hotline

For technical queries our design engineers are readily available:

+61 451 013 408

For enquiries and support regarding our SiCAD software tools, please contact: