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15 years ago, Sikla pioneered siFramo : a versatile, multifunctional, and high load bearing modular steel support system. Over the years several million metres of siFramo beam sections have been processed and installed in projects all over the world. Our concept of innovation adds value to our customers’ projects in both planning and installation phases.

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The siFramo idea

15 years ago was to develop a modular support system for a variety of applications based on this key specification:

The new system must be as easy and quickly to install as Sikla customers would expect. This put our focus on resolving the screw connection detail and the remaining development process produced thread-forming technology as our choice. The result: Maximum flexibility, timesaving, and safety.

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Another innovation is the geometric design of our four beam section sizes. By using corrugation as a strengthening method, and by positioning the ridges close to the four corners, we achieve the ideal load distribution for the profile shapes. The structural capacity is approximately 50% higher using the same amount of raw material. The practical impact is more efficient material handling while in the long run, we help save valuable raw material resources.


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