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Injection System VMZ - Resin


Resin for Resin Anchor Rod VMZ-A. Excellent load capacity in broken and unbroken concrete. The resin mixture hardens resulting in strong bond with the concrete and a perfectly formed expansion sleeve around the conical rod. The inner bond between the conical rod and the resin mixture is broken by applying a torque moment after the hardening process. The VMZ is approved for use under seismic action according to the performance category C1 and C2 (M10 - M16).

Scope of delivery

Per cartridge two Mixing Nozzle ANT VM-X are attached.


Resin and hardener are separated in the cartridge.
A dispensing tool is used to push both components through a mixing nozzle. In the nozzle the resin and hardener are mixed and filled into the the cleaned drill hole.

After a longer break in work, exchange of the mixing nozzle allows further use of the resin.

Reach of resin:

Number of drill holes
per cartridge
VMZ-A M8 ... 58
VMZ-A M10 ... 39
VMZ-A M12 ... 27
VMZ-A M16 ... 16

Technical Data

Detailed technical information could be seen in the data sheets of Resin Anchor Rod VMZ, as well as in the Approval ETA-10/0260.

Vinylester basis, styrol-free

Approvals / Conformity

Sikla Approval ETA-10/0260

Injection System VMZ - ETA 10/0260 PDF | 6.6 MB

VMZ 280280 ml0.561 501634
Mixing Nozzle ANT VM-X0.011 190829