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HDG & HCP Standard Range

Beam Clamp TCS HCP


Heavy-duty connection elements which, in combination with Grub Screws (M10), are suitable for mounting pipes, ducts and equipment to steel beams (I-, T-, U- and angle steel beams).

  • The combination with a Universal Joint ss provides for vertically aligned attachment to inclined beams.
  • Can serve as single mounting elements, for installing crossbars and for fixing cantilever structures.
  • Due to their special base profile, Beam Clamps TCS 1 can also be slid along and retained in the opening of Sikla Channels MS 41.

Scope of delivery

Pre-assembled with clamping bolt and locking nut.


Tigthen the clamping bolt of the Beam Clamp first by hand, then tighten down with a spanner according to the mounting instructions. The hardened point of the clamping bolt will penetrate the comparatively soft material of the beam, ensuring a solid and highly secure connection. Tigthen the locking nut for securing the installation.
For use in the area of a cutting edge of a channel, an additional Holding Bracket HK 41 must be mounted.

Note: Read relevant mounting instructions before installation!

Technical Data

This nominal load applies to new Beam Clamps fixed to undamaged beam flanges only.

TCS 1:
5.0 kN
TCS 2:
8.5 kN
Cast iron, HCP

Approvals / Conformity

Approved and accepted by VdS and FM for use with stationary fire extinguishing systems.
For different application fields: G4820023, G4800039, G4800040, G4800042, G4800043, G4800044, G4800045

Beam Clamp TCS1 M10/M10 - G4820023 VdS PDF | 208.8 KB Beam Clamp TCS1 - G4800039 VdS PDF | 246.4 KB Beam Clamp TCS with Safety Strap - G4800040 VdS PDF | 268.5 KB Beam Clamp TCS2 with Safety Strap - G4800042 VdS PDF | 274.8 KB Beam Clamp TCS - G4800043 VdS PDF | 352.7 KB Beam Clamp TCS - Double Support - G4800044 VdS PDF | 343.8 KB Beam Clamp TCS - Projecting Crossbar - G4800045 VdS PDF | 356.1 KB FM - Beam Clamps TCS PDF | 239.9 KB

Clamping range on
parallel flange
TCS 1 M10M10/M10260.2150 162151
TCS 2 M12M12/M12260.2825 117327