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Sound- & Vibration Absorption

Sound Absorber SDE 1


Various applicable sound absorption element with M10, M12 or triple thread connection options (also according to DIN 4109). Suitable for overhead, floor and wall mounting purposes in the plant construction.

Scope of delivery

With M10 x 25 grub screw (supplied loose).


The grub screw has to be screwed as much as possible into the thread for connection to the building structure using an anchor with an internal thread.
Tighten the Sound Absorber with Pin Spanner SDE.

When implementing wall mounting solutions, high bending moments should be avoided, e.g. by arranging a Channel section or a Support Bracket onto several Sound Absorbers.

Technical Data

Permissible static loads (permanent exposure):
Tensile force: 2.5 kN
Pressure: 3.0 kN
Shear: 0.5 kN
Spring constant cd, depending on static load:
at 0.12 kN: 13.7 kN/cm
at 0.40 kN: 16.9 kN/cm
at 0.80 kN: 30.5 kN/cm
Sound absorption value:
Up to 18.9 dB(A)
Temperature range:
-50°C up to +110°C

Connection to building structure
Connection to system
SDE 1 - M10 M10 M10
SDE 1 - 3G M10 3G-thread M8/M10/M16

Metal parts:
Steel, electro-galvanised
Sound absorption insert:
EPDM, hardness 45+/-5° Shore
SDE 1 - M100.2725 162735
SDE 1 - 3G0.2725 136989