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Stainless Steel Standard Range

Resin Anchor Rod VMZ-A A4


Anchor Rod for push-through and put-before mounting in concrete tensile zones in M&E services and plant construction (for anchoring heavy loads).
Suitable for attaching brackets, pipelines and channels.

  • No special drill required
  • Heavy loads
  • Small edge and centre distance
  • Approved for use under seismic action according to the performance category C1 and C2 (M10 - M16)

Scope of delivery

Pre-assembled with washer and hexagon nut.


Drill hole according to min. setting depth vertically to the surface.
Careful cleaning of drill hole with Steel brush and Blow-Out Pump.
Screw Mixing Nozzle onto the cartridge; foreshots to be removed and fill 2/3 of drill hole with resin starting from botton of the hole.
Drive the anchor manually into plastered borehole up to its embedment mark.
When reaching the embedment mark, plaster must be apparent.
Respect hardening time, when tighten the anchor with instructed torque.

Detailed assembly instruction is attached to the product.

Technical Data

Type M12
Perm. load 1) tension C20/25 2) [kN] 12.3
Perm. load 1) tension C25/30 2) [kN] 13.4
C30/37 2) [kN] 14.9
C40/50 2) [kN] 17.3
C50/60 2) [kN] 19.0
Perm. load oplique V C20/25 2) [kN] 19.4
≥ C30/37 2) [kN] 19.4
Perm. bending moments zul. M [Nm] 60
Min. thickness of component hmin ≥ [mm] 110
Charact. centre distance Scr,N [mm] 240
Charact. edge distance Ccr,N [mm] 120
Min. centre distance s at/edge distance smin [mm] 55
Min. edge distance c at/centre distance cmin [mm] 55
Effective anchoring depth hef [mm] 80
Nominal diameter of drill do [mm] 14
Depth of bore hole h0 [mm] 85
Anchoring torque Tinst [Nm] 25
Loads under fire exposure
Perm. load R 30 perm. F [kN] 10.3
Perm. load R 60 perm. F [kN] 4.59
Perm. load R 90 perm. F [kN] 1.86
Perm. load R 120 perm. F [kN] 0.56

Loads for single anchors without influence of edge and centre distances, if constant temperature of 50°C and und currently 80°C is not exceeded.
Cracking concrete 50°C/80°C

The safety factor according to ETAG is included. Values of the mentioned approval are valid and could be seen in the latest issue under

Stainless steel A4

Approvals / Conformity

Sikla Approval ETA-10/0260

Injektionssystem VMZ - ETA-10/0260 PDF | 6.8 MB

tfix = Max.
usable length
Total length
VMZ-A 80 M12-25/125M12251250.1310 112647