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Assembly Groups

Assembly Group BG15 F80-M10


An Assembly Group for use as a guided support with the pipe clamp
Stabil D-3G. The Assembly Group is designed for use with the
Beam Section TP F 80. It is connected using the Self Forming Screw FLS F,
and the height is adjusted via the Threaded Rod M10.
The pipe clamp with sound absorption lining ensures sound absorption in accordance with DIN 4109.

Scope of delivery

Each Assembly Group is pre-assembled, packed and labeled.

Parts list:
Item 1 Pipe Clamp Stabil D-3G with lining
Assembly Kit MKit FR F 80 S M10 / L M10 consists of:
Item 2 Threaded Rod GST M10 x 200
Item 3 Hexagon Nut M10
Item 4 Slide Set GS F80 2G / GS F80 2G2
Item 5 Self Forming Screw FLS F


The assembly of the individual components to form an Assembly Group is carried out during the course of pipe installation on the construction site.

Technical Data

Lmax, vertical = 150 mm
Lmax, horizontal = not recommended

Pipe clamp and connecting parts:
Steel, HCP
Bolts and nuts:
Steel, HCP
Sound absorption lining:
SBR/EPDM, black, captively bonded in

TypeSize range
DN 1519 - 2367680.861 110218
DN 2024 - 2867750.891 110219
DN 2533 - 3767810.911 110220
DN 3240 - 4567930.931 110221
DN 4047 - 52671040.951 110222
DN 5060 - 65671170.971 110223
DN 6573 - 80671501.551 110224
DN 8088 - 93671641.651 110225
DN 100108 - 115671871.771 110226