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Assembly Groups

Assembly Group BG22 F80


An Assembly Group for the fastening of pipes without complex requirements and without heat insulation. By adapting the hexagon nuts supplied, both guided supports and fixed points can be created.

Scope of delivery

Each Assembly Group is pre-assembled, packed and labeled. For U-bolts with a size of DN 100 upwards, always use two U Bolt Fastening UB Fs.

Parts list:
Item 1 U Bolt Fastening UB F
Item 2 Self Forming Screw FLS F
Item 3 U Bolt RUB
Item 4 Pad U-UB F 80


The assembly of the individual components to form an Assembly Group is carried out during the course of pipe installation on the construction site. When used as a guided support, the nuts located both above and below the UB fastening must be tightened, enabling the pipe to freely move. In the case of fixed points, the permissible forces of the structural connection and bending forces of the bolt must not be exceeded.

Technical Data

Pipe clamp and connecting parts:
Steel, HCP
Bolts and nuts:
Steel, HCP
U-UB Pad:
Polyamide PA 6.0
TypeOD of pipe
DN 1521.385300.281 110236
DN 2026.985400.321 110237
DN 2533.785480.321 110238
DN 3242.485560.341 110239
DN 4048.385620.341 110240
DN 5060.3146760.941 110241
DN 6576.1146940.971 110242
DN 8088.91461061.001 110243
DN 100114.31811361.061 110244
DN 125139.72091641.141 110245
DN 150168.32371921.231 110246